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Virginia Engagement Session | JJ + Paully

I can tell you JJ captured Paully’s heart simply by cooking for him, I can also say it was by her flashing her winning smile at him, I can also say it was because the moment he saw her, he knew she was the one, the one to comfort him with her awesomely delicious cooking, […]

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Tiffany + Ian | Engaged | University of Maryland

love is us - Tiffany + Ian

Ian thought he was going to just another party – an evening of dancing and great food – that’s all it was supposed to be another evening of food and drink till he met Tiffany, suddenly the party became more interesting, the music slowed and swirled around him, he felt heady like he drunk wine, […]

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Tiffany + Ian | Engaged | University of Maryland | Sneaky Peek

I love Tiffany's smile

Aba and I photographed Tiffany + Ian’s e-session at the University of Maryland, College Park campus, our good friend Femster was there to capture the video of their e-session. You can view the trailer here Enjoy the sneaky peek and remember to leave some love. Full blog post coming soon.

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Joy + Daniel | Engaged

Love is Joy + Daniel

Love is like a smack on the head, it leaves you woozy and shaken to your very core. That’s how Daniel felt when he saw Joy’s picture, when he heard of her beauty and virtues from his sister’s best friend – he was captivated. His desire to learn more about her grew, he asked her […]

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Victoria + Dewitt : Engaged


When Victoria was a little girl her head swirled with the words from romantic novels, her legs turned to mush every time she watched gone with the wind, she could not wait to fall in love. Her mother told her she will find the bone of her bone, the flesh of her flesh and the […]

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