Monthly Archives: May 2011

Oladayo + Taiwo in Solomons Island

For this shoot i took with me, 5Dmark2, 1DSmark3, 85 1.2, 50 1.2 and 35 1.4 lens, i ended up using only the 5D mark2 and 50 1.2 lens, and for such a sunny day, the pictures came out wonderful, and it helps a lot when the couple makes the job very easy for me, […]

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Oladayo + Taiwo Sneak

Over the weekend Oladayo and Taiwo came over to Solomons island for an awesome e-shoot, we had loads on fun with the couple, i must thank you guys for putting up with me, looking forward to the wedding, here is one of my favorites, more coming soon.

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