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Free Wedding Photography with Fola Adewole

DH Aba loves this shot so he practically begged me to blog it...

I am going to be shooting a wedding for free next year! Whoot whoot–the travel (if applicable), shooting and online posting will be on my own dime and time. Here are the rules: 1. Couples must be getting married sometime in 2010 and have a set date and location 2. You must send me your […]

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Thankfulness, sleepiness and more thankfulness

balloons at the beach

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and very thankful for a wonderful night’s rest on a pillow top mattress, I wag my finger at those of you who wonder what the big deal is, as I wag my finger, note I am also sucking my teeth. When I met DH Aba…all he had in […]

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Falls Church Virginia Wedding : Chioma + Seun


There is nothing greater than the beauty of marriage, two people joined for an eternity in love and companionship. The road to marriage is not always an easy one – when it is bumpy, patience is needed – when it curves, divine wisdom is required – when confronted with an unknown path, prayer reveals the […]

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The 500th Comment

my mom

I am super excited to know there are people who actually read my blog, I am even more excited that people actually leave comments..yay…Well recently I passed the 500th comment marker…whoot whoot…my lil ol’ blog and to show my appreciation I have decided to give the awesome commentor an ipod shuffle… I know it may […]

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Chioma + Seun | Married | The Westin | Sneaky Peek

I love Chioma and Seun's bling - stunning

Chioma and Seun were married recently in Virginia, we had an amazing time photographing their wedding, they are such a delightful and aspiring couple. The day was filled with funny incidents though they weren’t funny then for example the limo driver lost his way and made us late for the wedding, my fish eye lens […]

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