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Diana + Bobby : Engaged

Leah the diva

It was a cold late night when Diana and Bobby met in downtown Baltimore whilst hanging out with friends. He approached her from across the room, Diana’s eyes glittered, her smile twinkled like chimes and her skin glowed invitingly as they talked and laughed all night – He asked her out and she accepted on […]

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My Bathroom


Every morning, I do my business briskly – I never relax and enjoy the smell of my scented candles, or the feel of the luxurious towels-briskly I wash and brush, towel dry and rinse, open the door and leave. Every morning a routine so familiar to me, I could do it with my eyes closed […]

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Bridal & Model shoot @ Bob and Dawn Davis’s Workshop


A couples of weeks ago I was down in Baltimore, learning off-camera lighting from the master of light Bob Davis , it truly was a pleasurable experience, as I got to – meet Bob’s lovely and incredible spiritual wife Dawn, network with a host of other photographers as well as learn new tricks. It truly […]

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Jen + Chris : Engaged


Jen first met Chris through a mutual friend during their junior year at college, they had noticed each other at parties thrown by their friends. Things got interesting when Jen moved into a shared apartment with their mutual friend, Chris began to visit the apartment frequently to borrow sugar, offer to water the plants all in […]

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Winds of love

winds of love

I woke up one fine day and walking in the fields of beauty, I spoke to the winds of love, the love my heart was seeking for: “Love my love, where art thou? I want to find you, I desire to meet you, I have so much to share, If you will let me find […]

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