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Chilling in the kitchen

I met up with a friend whom, I have not seen in over ten years, we met up at a mutual friend’s birthday soiree, it was fun, swapping stories, sampling dishes and checking out eye candy. It was thrilling to see the women we have become over the years; cheeky, career minded and intellectual ravishing […]

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{Tekeesha + Babb}


I am basically revamping my content for my new blog. I am blogging the wedding of Tekeesha and Babb, which I second shot with Ayeesha at the Woodbury Manor late last year. Hope you enjoy the eye candy.

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Couple’s First Dance

Locked in Love

Life throws stuff at you pretty fast, first you are born, then you are growing teeth, then you are sitting on the couch wondering when your feet will ever touch the ground, then you are walking through life; over people; through open doors of opportunities; in and out of lives; on pedestals; then one day […]

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Southern Maryland: Anytime


Its been a while since I blogged, since last year really, but a whole lot has happened since the last time I pressed fingers to keyboard, I completed graduate school, earned my masters degree, finally, thank you, went wild shopping for the holidays, slaved the kitchen dishing out some traditional yoruba grub, went on vacation, […]

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